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At Ballarat Steakhouse, we are creating a legend, setting a new standard for dining out in Ballarat, and fast becoming a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. We are keeping it simple with typical country-style meals, using real meat from real cows, that eat real grass – simple meat & potatoes.


Whether you’re after a low-carb, high protein feast or a hearty steak meal with all the trimmings, Ballarat Steakhouse is an up-market and comfortable Steakhouse specialising in Char Grilled Steak, Ribs and Seafood (amongst some other mouth-watering ideas from our menu).

When you order a meal at Ballarat Steakhouse, we’ll flame grill it on our custom made char grill and cook it just the way you like it, with our delicious top secret Ballarat Steakhouse Baste. All of our meals are served with your choice of freshly cooked chips, baked potato, or a baked sweet potato. We also have a great selection of our own divine sauces, prepared daily.

Our ribs are a whole other chapter. Slow cooked for several hours, marinated and then char grilled to order - our ribs simply melt in your mouth, and are fast becoming a signature dish at Ballarat Steakhouse.

There is much to be said about quality of meat and the specifications used by different steakhouses, which offer steak lovers the flavours and taste which make for a great steak. Cut and specification are important elements when choosing not only which steakhouse to go to, but which steak to order. You definitely want to be sure that if you want the best in steak, you go to an eatery that actually specialises in steak and meat products. Then you are assured of getting the best steak offering possible, instead of steak merely just an incidental item on the menu.

Not All Steaks Are Created Equal

If you enjoy a great steak meal and are looking for the ultimate steak and meat offering, you need to be identifying what type of beef each steakhouse uses, how the meat is yielded, cut, and aged. This will determine the difference between just an ordinary steak meal and a fantastic one to be remembered.

Ballarat Steakhouse Wet Aged Beef

Our wet-ageing process is carried out with the meat carefully packaged in bags to prevent oxidation. These bags are then placed into coolers for “wet ageing” before the beef is finally cut and packaged. This extra time (in a controlled atmosphere) allows the fibres of the meat to begin to break down and reach an extra level of tenderness. Because wet-aged beef isn’t exposed to air (like its dry-aged counterpart), it doesn’t lose as much moisture through evaporation; and the result, - delicious, flavoursome and tender meat.

Different outlets use different ageing periods and processes, however, it is safe to say that the more time the meat is allowed to wet age, the better the end product will be. We allow our meat to wet age in a highly controlled environment for a minimum of 28 days, with the normal ageing period being between 35-40 days. This maximises the tenderness of the meat and enhances the flavour even further. We know that every piece of steak we put out to our customers has been wet aged perfectly and will present an amazing texture and flavour.


We feel it is important to try and understand what a customer expects from their steak so we can give them what we know they want, not what we think they will like.

At Ballarat Steakhouse all our steaks are yielded from Prime Australian 3- 3 1/2 year old pasture - fed beef, cut to our exacting specifications, then aged for a minimum of 28 days at strictly controlled temperatures to maximise tenderness and enhance flavour – the beef that you see at your supermarket or butcher is commonly yearling, 1 year old.


Ballarat Steakhouse has introduced quality controls and consistency standards that are at the forefront of the industry. We have been diligent in our research and development in order to make the Ballarat Steakhouse experience a unique and most importantly - a memorable one.

Cuts of Meat


1. SCOTCH FILLET – Full of flavour with a little more fat

2. RIB-EYE – The meat is sweeter next to the bone

3. PORTERHOUSE – Excellent flavour with medium fat cover

4. T-BONE – Best of both worlds! Porterhouse & Eye Fillet in one.

5. EYE FILLET – A lean piece of meat with ultimate tenderness

6. RUMP – Lean with a very meaty flavour

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